Environment - EHS Policy



A Division of K.P. Manish Global Ingredients Pvt Ltd

EHS Policy


The Management of Kawman Pharma – A Division of K.P. Manish Global Ingredients Pvt. Ltd pledges
to operate all the units an environmentally responsible manner, while protecting the health & safety of employees
and public.

This pledge will be implemented through:

♦ The equipments provided will be maintained in line with the
requirements of the law and good engineering practices.

♦ We will minimize / control the adverse impact on safety, health and
environment through R&D techniques and policy development

♦ Programs for risk reduction, emergency preparedness, pollution
and recycling the waste generated, whenever feasible will
be established, implemented and maintained.

♦ We will continuously work to improve our safety, health and
environmental performance through setting appropriate objectives,
targets, management programs and audits.